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How It Works.

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Step 1

To get started all you need to do is register with us for a merchant account and receive your CircleItUp Swiper within 48hrs. At this stage you'll need to make a one time payment for your CircleItUp Swiper and get a current account with one of our partner banks.

Your'e almost there.

Step 2

Download the CircleItUp App from the app store of your phone and then attach the CircleItUp Swiper to your mobile phone through the 3.5mm audio jack. We intend to launch CircleItUp on Google Play (Android) , App Store (ISO) and App World (Blackberry).

Your'e done.

Step 3

Once you have successfully completed Step 1 and Step 2, simply follow the instruction in the app, enter the amount and swipe the card. Receipts are send via email and the amount is transfered to your bank account the next working day.

Circle It Up is the smarter way to get paid: it’s low-cost, convenient and secure. Circle It Up gives you and your business the freedom to process card payments anywhere and anytime using a smartphone or tablet. No matter where you are – on the go, in your shop, at a customer’s – with our technology, now everyone can accept cards.

With Circle It Up

Peace of mind

Your data is stored securely on our servers, not on your reader or device. Credit card information is encrypted at the moment of swipe. Losing your device doesn’t mean losing your business.

The goal is to provide the simplest tools.

Traction is in Simplicity

Technology is only good if it really fades away and it does something that humans actually want to do. It should make a commodity experience more personal. We believe Circle It Up does that extremely well. We focus towards building natural brand loyalty and work on developing solutions that people want to see and effortlessly use on a daily basis.
Founder & CEO

Tanuj Sethi

Lets Get Started

Easy Setup

Download the free Circle It Up app and get yourself a current account with one of our partner banks. You’ll be accepting payments on your smartphone or iPad in no time.