Getting Started.

How do I get started with Circle It Up?

To get started with Circle It Up, you will need a compatible Apple, Android, or BlackBerry device.
Sign up for a Circle It Up account.
Download the free app from the App Store, Google Play (formerly Android Market), or BlackBerry App World.
Start selling with Circle It Up!

What details do I need to provide to sign up for Circle It Up

Only basic details like Name, Email Id and mobile number are needed apart from proof of identity and proof of residence.

Where do I send my documents?

Once registered, you can forward us the scanned copies immediately at register@circleitup.com for us to start the registration process. Alternatively you can then forward us the copies of your documents along with the duly signed agreement at our registered corporate office.
Address: F – 147, Raheja Mall, Sohna Road, Sector 47,
Gugaon, Haryana, India – 122001

What goods or services am I able to sell using Circle It Up?

All goods & services that are legally allowed in India ,can be sold using Circle It Up. However some industries like gambling etc which are not authorised by Reserve Bank Of India to accept payment through POS terminal will not be included.

How do I get a good swipe?

Here are a couple tips on the art of swiping. To get a good swipe, try to firmly and steadily swipe the card through the reader.

Make sure volume is maximized when you launch the app and have plugged in the card reader. On some phone models, Ringer volume is different from Headset volume. It is the Headset volume that needs to be maxed.

Make sure that the magstripe of the credit card is facing the right direction. If you are looking at the front of your card reader, you will see CircleItUp.com. You should also be looking at the magstripe.

If you are using a case on your device, check to make sure the sleeve isn’t preventing the card reader from being plugged in all the way.


What are the fees associated with Circle It Up?

You will incur a transaction fee of 3% for all credit card transactions using Circle It Up.

Do I incur any cost upfront?

Yes you will have to purchase a Circle It Up Swiper for us to process your Merchant Account request.

Will I get my fees back if there is a refund processed for a certain product?

Yes, fees charged will be refunded back.


When do I receive my money?

You will receive your money on a T+2 working day basis. However for the initial two months there will be a hold back of 30% of your transaction amount. On satisfactory performance for about two months this will be waived off.

How will I receive my money?

You will receive the 70% amount due for all transactions (after deducting the relevant fees on the total transaction amount) on a given day into your bank account specified during sign up on a T+2 working day basis. The remaining 30% amount will be settled after every 15 days from the day of the transaction along with other due payments. After 45 days of satisfactory performance there will be no hold back of 30% and complete amount will be settled. However completion of payout for the 30% amount held back for the first 45 days will be done within 60 days from the date of sign up.

I have some funds still to be paid to me. Whom do I get in touch with?

You may send an email on the same to support@circleitup.com

Accepted Cards

What cards can be processed with Circle It Up App and Swiper?

Visa / Master Cards can be processed with Circle It Up App and Swiper.

Can International Cards be processed?

Currently International cards cannot be processed using Circle It Up.

Can I process debit cards?

Debit Cards cannot be processed currently but we are working very hard to get you the service asap.


How can I process a refund?

Refunds can be processed on the Circle It Up app by the following methods

  1. Click on Return in the Main Menu
  2. Choose the desired transaction to be refunded by entering the transaction id or choosing the same from the list of records displayed.
  3. Enter the amount to be refunded, enter the email id to which the receipt for refund is to be sent and Click on Submit.

How many days will it take for a refund to be processed in customers account?

Refund will be processed instantly via the payment gateway. It should normally reflect in customers account within 10 days. In case of delay it is advised to get in touch with the bank that has issued the credit card citing the relevant transaction.